Do YOU want to delegate at City Hall? No need for long and detailed delegations, you can keep it short and sweet.

For example, if you are delegating  on the Proposed Official Plan…

Please postpone voting on the New Official Plan.
I do not feel that the public has been educated enough to fully understand the impact of the proposed Changes.
Why is the City trying to push the new OP through so quickly?
This should be an election issue.
If the OP is so great for Burlington then voters will support the current council at the polls.


You will need to register for your delegation spot prior to the meeting you wish to delegate at

  • Check for the meeting registration deadline so you don’t miss your opportunity to register
  • Know what agenda item you want to delegate on – each meeting agenda is posted online under that particular meeting
  • See below for links to registering

Delegation registration

Fill out an online request