Do you need some help putting your thoughts into valid points for your letter to City Hall? Here are some ideas for you!


Questions you should be asking. Points you can be making.

Why is council not following its own current official plan?

How can a new Official Plan be be passed when so many master plans have not been completed?
How can proper decisions be made when these other master plans aren’t completed? It is like building a house on a base of sand.

Council is not defending its own official plan at the OMB- why not?
Is council so quick to allow planning staff to determine what our City will look like because they don’t want to spend the money in the event that they could lose? Is that a good reason to allow for poor planning?
There seems to be money to spend on “legacy projects” – like the Joseph Brant Museum but not to defend the current official plan.

The residents elect council to represent their needs not the needs of Staff and the Developers.
This council seems to forget this. What is happening in the downtown core is happening in all of Burlington- this needs to be an election issue. Presently 9 new development applications have been received by the City since Christmas – 5 in Ward 2- If we don’t stop what is happening now it will be too late. We should be questioning the legality of how certain areas were designated.
As someone said “Can you imagine that former Mayor Hazel McCallion would allow staff and the developers to dictate what was happening in Mississauga? “

It is the Mayors job to lead his council to do the right thing for the residents. I think residents have been very clear about not wanting over intensification.We need to stress that residents are not against development- but the right kind of development.

Where is our mayor? Why is staff dictating to Council it’s like the tail wagging the dog?

Who should you write to?

Gary Carr – (Regional Chair)
Eleanor McMahon M.P.P. – (Provincial MPP for Burlington – Minister of Culture and Sport)
Rick Goldring – (Mayor of Burlington)
Marianne Meed Ward – (Councillor – Ward 2)
Paul Sharman – (Councillor – Ward 5)
Jack Dennison – (Councillor – Ward 4)
Rick Craven – (Councillor – Ward 1)
John Taylor – (Councillor – Ward 3)
Blair Lancaster – (Councillor – Ward 6)
James Ridge – (City Manager)
Mary Lou Tanner – (City Deputy Manager)