ECoB response to 409 Brant

ECoB was expecting more new applications and we suspect 409 Brant is the first of many. Anybody who has been paying any attention to downtown development would have seen this coming too. ECoB met with Mary Lou Tanner and several planning staff members on Thursday and this application was never discussed.

ECoB has been warning council and staff that accepting the 421 Brant zoning amendment would open the door for other very hi-rise developments. Despite assurances from council and staff, this is exactly what has happened. It is worth noting that the Developers representative is the same Glenn Wellings who was so critical of citizen delegations on the Official Plan and suggested all were NIMBYs. Looks like his back yard is well taken care of.

The height allowance for 421 Brant street far exceeds the current Official Plan and the proposed new Official Plan. This new application asks for more height too in contradiction of both Official Plans.

The mantra from City Hall has been that: “if we did not allow for height the developers would build ugly squat buildings”. To see the proposed development at 409 Brant Street please click on the link.

Is this proposed development an attractive tall building? Is the brick at the bottom supposed to maintain the character of Brant Street? Even if a few existing retailers survive, the character of Brant Street will be forever changed with the construction of this tower and however many more council and staff accede to. “Engaged Citizens of Burlington” has never believed that these heights satisfy good planning.


ECoB asks all residents throughout the city to call and email all the councillors and the Mayor to NOT RATIFY the application for 421 Brant Street. If Council truly listens to the residents and acts on their behalf, they will do this. They will also act as they said they would to the various delegations that 421 would not be precedent. The Developers obviously think it is.

The question that Council should be asking is – Does the City want to go to the OMB to defend their current official plan on behalf of the residents, or do they want to go to the OMB to fight against the residents?

2018 is an election year, we urge citizens to make their vote count this year. To this end ECoB will host A Municipal Election Workshop on February 22nd from 7-9pm at Tansley Woods Community Centre. Mark Carr will be moderating. The workshop is open to all residents considering running for office, for volunteers who would like to help the candidate of their choice be successful or for those who want to know more about municipal politics. Registration information along with members of the panel will be announced shortly.

Engaged Citizens of Burlington