On Tuesday, April 24th at the Planning & Development Committee meeting the City Clerk indicated that if time ran out on April 25th, to complete the delegations etc. that Monday, April 30th had been added to the calendar to complete the process.

It has come to our attention that it was through an e-vote that most of Council decided to have a Special Council Meeting to adopt the new Official Plan right after the Planning & Development Committee Meeting. This happened on Thursday, April 26th,2018, instead of Monday, April 30th, 2018. The public was not notified of this change. Residents if they had known could have chosen to delegate.

If this incredible duplicity by the Council and Staff offends you, and it should, you need to send an email to Mr. Gary Carr at and tell him that it is obvious that this was done to try to get it in before a new council was sworn in, to make things more difficult and then to pass the buck to the Region. That no decision by the Region should be reached to adopt this new official plan until the New Council has had an opportunity to meet. It is unfair in an election year to handcuff the Council that will be elected in October.

Feel free to send a copy to all members of Council and the Mayor.