Engaged Citizens of Burlington (ECoB) is pleased to be able to launch a new website today, as part of a new chapter in its history, a year after it was initially founded.

ECoB is currently seeking to broaden its base and establish committees in every Ward in Burlington to help inform citizens of each ward of approaching important city decisions and to gather representative citizen opinion and make sure it is heard at City Hall.

If you would like to be part of ECoB’s new chapter, please contact us.

By doing so we wish to show by example the methods by which Burlington can becoming a leader in working with residents on many topics, and welcoming residents into the decision-making process. By doing so, we believe City Hall will work better, make better decisions, and become an example of citizen engagement done right.

ECoB is an independent, non-partisan organisation. It is not connected to any incumbent politician in Burlington, nor does it endorse or oppose candidates for public office.

It exists to promote the following objectives:

  • To encourage Burlington Council and City Hall to adopt new and better methods of engagement with residents, as part of a encouraging a healthy local democracy.

ECoB wants to see Council and City Hall adopt more fully and go beyond the recommendations of the 2010 Shape Burlington Report, which have remained largely unimplemented as of 2018. The failure to implement meaningful engagement has caused a regrettable and avoidable atmosphere of hostility and resentment between citizens and City Hall over the last decade. Arguably this situation has now contributed to two incumbent mayors and several incumbent councillors being defeated at municipal elections, an occurrence which was extremely unusual before 2010. We believe early and meaningful citizen consultation should be an integral part of every council decision. We also believe successful citizen engagement is beneficial to all parties, and ensures residents’ vision is of paramount importance as the city plans for the future. A healthy local democracy is based on citizens and City Hall working in partnership to implement a shared vision.

  • To empower citizens to bring their concerns to City Hall and to be heard by Council, whatever the issues may be.

To do this ECoB is currently in the process of creating ward-level committees across Burlington to seek out resident input on issues of importance and to bring them to council as matters arise with ECoB’s assistance and guidance. Ward committees will aim to keep council constantly informed of resident opinion, so that residents are properly consulted and heard as decisions are made.


  • To discuss, research, educate and inform the public and City Hall on plausible methods by which citizen engagement can be implemented more successfully, through a program of meetings, workshops and advocacy.

ECoB’s intention is to be a positive and creative force for a better relationship between residents, councillors and City Hall in the interests of all concerned.