Councillor for Ward 2 Lisa Kearns has kindly forwarded some Q and As provided by Halton Region for people with questions about what it means now that Halton has sent Burlington’s Official Plan back to the city for modification.

Issue: There are several components of the City’s Official Plan, adopted April 26 th, 2018, that do
not conform with the Regional Official Plan.

Q & A

1. What is Halton Region responsible for reviewing and approving?
Halton Region is responsible for ensuring that the City of Burlington’s Official Plan conforms to and
is consistent with Regional and Provincial Plans and Provincial Policy Statements. These include:

  • Provincial Growth Plan
  • Greenbelt Plan
  • Niagara Escarpment Plan
  • Provincial Policy Statement
  • Halton Regional Official Plan

2. Has Halton Region ever imposed modifications on a Local Municipality?

Yes. Every new Official Plan or comprehensive Official Plan update has resulted in the Region
making modifications to address conformity to the Regional Official Plan.

3. What are Halton Region’s next steps?

Halton Region staff are working with the City of Burlington to make the necessary modifications to
their Official Plan to ensure conformity once the modifications are made. The Region will then issue
a draft notice of decision identifying the modifications for consideration by the City of Burlington

4. Can the City of Burlington make additional modifications to their Official Plan?

The City of Burlington can make additional modifications before the plan is approved by the Region
where there is appropriate planning justification and public consultation. Any modifications would
need to be assessed for conformity against the Regional Official Plan and Provincial Plans and
Policy Statements.

If you have any questions please contact Curt Benson at ext. 7181. If you should receive any media
calls or other inquires please direct those to Halton Region through 905-825-6000 or 311.

We’d like to thank Councillor Kearns for helping us get this plain English information to a wider audience.