An anonymous Facebook and Twitter account* which we believe frequently receives leaked information from a prominent person at City Hall has alleged that a new 29 storey proposal for 2069 & 2079 Lakeshore Road and 383 &385 Pearl Street. The proposed tower would adjoining the ADI tower for which LPAT recently dismissed the city’s appeal, and would exceed it in height.

The anonymous poster alleges that the building will include a 4 storey podium plus 25 storey tower (29 storeys in total), plus ground level retail. It alleges the heritage property on Pearl St (the Acland Houses) would be kept. We believe plans to ‘keep’ heritage properties are often submitted at this stage with a high probability that a request will be made to demolish later. Keeping heritage properties on-site with major high-rise developments is problematic, expensive and unlikely in practice.

Pictured below: approximate site plan and proposed neighbouring ADI development, which this proposal would exceed in height.

We will update the website as new details become available.


*ECoB believes in the importance of transparency and openness in those who report news and take part in city-wide conversations on development and other issues. We do not link directly or retweet anonymous accounts. While this news is unsourced and unauthorized, we believe it is highly likely the leaked information is accurate.