On Feb. 21st, Glen Schnarr and Associates held a Public Proposal Meeting held at the Burlington Lions Club regarding their client’s development plans for 2085 Pine Street, which was attended by Mayor, Marianne Meed-Ward.  The Q&A session at the end of the presentation was led by Ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns.

The owners of the Pine St. property intend to develop this property beyond its approved 5 story, 15 unit limit.  The latest proposal is to construct an 11 story, 40 unit building on this property.  The developer intends to preserve the existing heritage building on this site for reuse as adaptive commercial or office space.

During the meeting, the developer’s representative proposed 1.03 car spaces per unit and no visitor parking, based on the assumption of ample “on street” and “municipal” parking nearby.  Most people in attendance reacted in amusement at this suggestion, hinting this might be an eroneous assumption.  According to the developer’s representative, the proposed plan will exceed approved limits, but it is in line with Provincial Growth Targets, the anchor hub on John Street and designation of the area as an urban growth centre.

Mayor Marianne Meed-Ward indicated that the current city council intends to undesignate the city center as a mobility hub in the spring of 2019 and other changes to the city official plan would likely take a year to complete.

Townhouse owners across the street raised the issues of shading and privacy.  The developer’s representative countered that balcony planters that unit owners maintain and a condo board police would resolve privacy issues.  Many people in attendance challenged the assertion that this would resolve those problems.

In the judgment of ECOB members in attendance, it’s unlikely that the city will approve this development proposal as presented.