Next Ward 5 meeting is April 2nd at 7PM

Fortinos Community Room
Appleby and Dundas (link to google maps)

About ECOB Ward Meetings:

Ward committees will aim to keep council informed of resident opinions and help inform residents about local issues.

About ECOB

Engaged Citizens of Burlington (ECoB) is an incorporated non-profit working to empower citizens to help build a better Burlington.

ECoB is an independent, non-partisan organisation. It is not connected to any incumbent politician in Burlington, nor does it endorse or oppose candidates for public office.

It exists to promote the following objectives:

To encourage Burlington Council and City Hall to adopt new methods of engagement with residents, building on the recommendations of the 2010 Shape Burlington Report

To empower citizens to bring their concerns to City Hall and to be heard by Council, whatever the issues may be.

To discuss, research, educate and inform the public and City Hall on plausible methods by which citizen engagement can be implemented more successfully, through a program of meetings, workshops and advocacy.

ECoB’s intention is to be a positive, creative force for a better relationship between residents, councillors and City Hall.