ECoB is pleased to announce it is releasing a series of videos with Burlington’s federal candidates starting today.

This week we will be publishing a total of EIGHT short videos where candidates* answer a variety of questions.

View the first three videos below, or click this link to view them all on YouTube.

Later today¬† we will be releasing the first full question: the candidates’ responses on climate change.

Questions were provided by our members. Thank you to all who took part!

Questions on the economy and finance, the local and national
environment, assisted dying and more are to follow every day this week.

Next week are planning to repeat the exercise with the Oakville-North
Burlington candidates for those who live in North and East Burlington.

Please make sure to share this video widely with friends and family and make sure you are informed about your local candidates this election when you go to the polls.

A final tip: Make sure you click ‘subscribe’ in YouTube and
click the ‘bell’ button to get notified when new videos are released!