Two important stories today arising from provincial government.

1. Minister for Municipal Affairs Steve Clark announced that the province will not pursuing any changes following it’s year-long review of municipal government.

There will be no amalgamations.

With the strength of opposition already expressed against amalgamation by groups such as We Love Burlington and We Love Oakville, and the recent federal election seeing the Conservatives almost shut out of the crucial 905 region, it was clear amalgamation would mean the seats of many PC MPPs would be unsafe if amalgamation was pursued.

2. The provincial government announce it intends to move the responsibility for creating voters lists for municipal elections to Elections Ontario.

ECoB advocated on behalf of this change to MPP Jane McKenna in the spring. Several candidates for council in 2018 found that voters lists were sometimes seriously flawed. In particular, people who rent (sometimes whole apartment buildings) were missed from the register in high numbers. We believe Elections Ontario is far better placed to create accurate lists and welcome this proposal from the province.

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