Official Plan Review: Options revealed

Options for downtown have been revealed by the team responsible for the Official Plan Review. Many residents won’t be happy with what they see, but is anything different actually possible?

ECoB Needs You!

Engaged Citizens of Burlington is growing and changing. Join, Volunteer, Donate and Get Involved in ward-level committees across the city to make sure your voice, and the voice of Burlington residents, is always heard at City Hall.

Empowering Residents at City Hall

ECoB began to address what we felt was a City Hall that was ignoring residents on important issues, especially downtown development and the Official Plan, and to demand residents be heard. In October 2018 residents were heard loud and clear, but that is just the first step in Council, City Hall and Citizens building a better Burlington together.

ECoB News

ECoB Memberships Now Live

New for 2019 - ECoB is now accepting paid memberships of our organisation. Why join? It's simple. Joining ECoB allows you to be a full part of our organisation, be a part of Ward committees working to ensure residents' voices are always heard, stay informed of...

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ECoB launches new website

Engaged Citizens of Burlington (ECoB) is pleased to be able to launch a new website today, as part of a new chapter in its history, a year after it was initially founded. ECoB is currently seeking to broaden its base and establish committees in every Ward in...

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Report: Open House on 401-417 Martha St

Approximately 200 residents gathered at the Lion's Club last night to hear about the development proposal for 401-417 Martha Street. Landform Development Group (LDG), the developer also responsible for the Saxony development opposite Burlington Performing Arts Centre,...

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